Through its venture in encouraging & supporting its creative talents to shine, AlKifah Holding supports its bronz medal winner in saudi judo championship, Amir Shalabi

In alignment with AlKifah Holding’s Management in giving the Youth and Sport Sector all the attention and care, and providing the necessary requirements for the advancement of this vital sector to keep pace with the Kingdom’s directions, and since AlKifah’s employees are its family that they cherish; the company get engaged in activating a number of programs supporting the talents of employees interested in the sports fields, whether in mind or physical sports, in order to qualify them to participate in tournaments in the Kingdom.

This support was initiated through internal events hosted by the AlKifah Sports Club, which reflects the enthusiasm of AlKifah Holding Company in spreading the culture of sports and following a healthy lifestyle; in addition to supporting individual talents that stand out among the Company’s employees.

The most prominent talent recently supported by the Company is the Employee Amir Shalabi, who won the bronze medal while representing AlKifah Holding in the Kingdom’s Open Judo Championship for bodies and nationalities, which is one of the most prominent tournaments organized by the Saudi Judo Federation that has been held for two days in Riyadh in King Faisal Sports Arena and attended by more than 100 players from different nationalities.

In this regard, Mr. Amir stated: “It was a great opportunity for me to participate in the Judo Championship, and I represented AlKifah Holding, because I was pleased with the support it provided for the sports and youth, and I wish the best of luck for those who were not lucky this year”.

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