Human Capital Development Program in AlKifah Group

 The Human Capital Management Department at AlKifah Holding has established an integrated training program to introduce the new human capital management model and to develop the skills of the Personnel Excellence Management Team.


The training program, which was set to fifty training hours, also targeted forty-four Personnel Excellence employees in AlKifah Group, and included an introduction to the new personnel excellence operational model and its internal processes.  In addition to an exploration of relevant governmental platforms,  internal HCM systems, and a simulation program.


It is noteworthy that the training program was designed and presented internally by AlKifah employees and in cooperation with several external parties; GOODAT Consultation Co., Saudi Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), and Eastern Chamber.

This knowledge transfer project is considered a part of the transformation program stages in the human capital system of Al-Kifah to enhance work efficiency and employee experience.

Eventually, this step reflects AlKifah’s enthusiasm for developing the competencies of their employees and providing them with up-to-date tools and knowledge to thrive in their work environment.

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