AlKifah Holding hosts the American Consul and a delegation from the Irish Embassy

AlKifah Holding strives to keep pace with developments on the global commercial level, and spares no effort to consolidate its global relations. In this regard, AlKifah Board of Directors hosted a group of the American delegation, accompanied by the American Consul Ms. Dinka Masik, as well as the Irish delegation headed by the Irish Ambassador Mr. Gerard McCoy, and a group of representatives of Irish companies.

The visit of the American Consul was to get acquainted with the investments of AlKifah Holding and discuss aspects of cooperation between the two parties economically. The Consul expressed her satisfaction with the extent of the diversification of the economic investments of the company, and Eng. Osama AlAfaleq, head of the Board of Directors, confirmed that AlKifah Holding is always looking forward to development and advancement, and seeks to have fruitful international relations that contribute In expanding the scope of the group’s work locally and internationally

The Irish ambassador’s visit included the presence of representatives of Irish companies to discuss strategic relations and the latest developments in the field of investment, in addition to global experiences and the adaptation of modern technologies in the commercial fields. In connection with this visit, the Irish ambassador emphasized the extent of the Kingdom’s development within Vision 2030, seeking to strengthen international relations in support of the vision’s march.

Eng. Abdulaziz AlAfaleq, CEO of AlKifah Holding, appreciates these two visits, which represent the group’s approach to developing ways of international trade cooperation. It is worth mentioning that AlKifah Holding is a leading investment company with branches spread around the Kingdom to serve its wide client base, and aims to expand the latter outside the Kingdom and use various expertise to improve and develop our services.

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