AlKifah Holding and Ertiqa Association Collaborate to Promote Sustainable Technology Usage and Recycling

AlKifah Holding and Ertiqa Association have established a strategic relationship that culminated in the signing of a cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed for a duration of three years at AlKifah Tower.

The cooperation agreement between AlKifah Holding and Ertiqa Association encompasses multiple objectives, such as donating devices and promoting awareness about optimal technology usage.

AlKifah Holding is pleased with the history of this relationship with Ertiqa Association, which primarily aims to achieve the values of responsibility and excellence for AlKifah. The agreement was signed by Ms. Dana AlAfaliq, Corporate Communications and Sustainability Manager at AlKifah Holding, and the representative from Ertiqa Association Mr. Ali Batrfi as their corporate communications manager.

The agreement includes several key aspects, including supporting the association with surplus electronic devices and organizing educational programs and initiatives to promote the culture of refurbishing and recycling electronic devices of various types. Additionally, joint voluntary programs will be established for the employees of both entities to achieve social impact and corporate social responsibility.

Ertiqa Association is dedicated to collecting used computers, refurbishing them, and distributing them to beneficiaries of charitable organizations, non-profit volunteer programs, and educational programs. Their goal is to provide a sustainable social service that supports intellectual and scientific advancement, recycling, and environmental protection.

AlKifah Holding seeks to continue its partnership with Ertiqa Association by consistently and systematically supplying devices and assets to the association, in line with their commitment to social responsibility.

Striving Holding seeks to continue its partnership with the Irtqa’a Association with the goal of supporting the community through the ongoing and organized supply of devices and assets to the association as an initiative from us to recycle digital products. Holding and its group of companies focus on developing joint initiatives with local charities to achieve the company’s social sustainability goals.

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