Al-Kifah Sponsors “Kolona Montejoun” 6

Stemming from desire to sustain community service, Al-Kifah Holding, presented by Corporate Social Responsibility of Community Enrichment Center, sponsored the “Kolona Montejoun” 6 exhibit for the 3rd consecutive year, which is an exhibit managed by Al Ahassa Girl organization annually, aiming to create a marketing space for the productive families and to support them.
More than 55,000 people visited the exhibit this year, of them: 1,800 people visited Al-Kifah booth, which was managed by 20 students from Al-Kifah Private Schools, and they shed light on the school and its various programs. Al-Kifah Electronics contributed greatly, as it activated its role on the stage, where PlayStation competitions and family activities were held, attracting more than 400 excited spectators, and the winners received 40 coupons.
The “Best Picture” competition was activated too, as visitors captured pictures reflecting the spirit of the exhibit daily and uploaded them to Instagram. The winners also received coupons from Al-Kifah Electronics.

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