Al Kifah Holding Company cares about increasing its effectiveness and spreading its community service for the society and individuals. In its new five years plan the interest was directed towards supporting young men and women through sponsoring several initiatives in the cultural and social areas. Sports was the main focus of the social care plans for young people, and this role was represented in Al Kifah’s constant support and cooperation for Al Fateh club based in Al Ahssa. Al Kifah is one of the oldest sponsors for the club and it witnessed its start and that stages it went through and how it’s now in the limelight. There are many common features that connect both Al Kifah and Al Fateh club the most important one is renovation, development and success derived from its rich history of accomplishments and triumphs.
Al Fateh Club management signed a contract with Al Kifah Holding Company to put the logo on football players shirts, this meeting was held by CEO of Board members Eng. Abdul Aziz Al Afaleq.
The partnership between Al Fateh Club and Al Kifah Company is a strong one, and Al Kifah is one of the first companies who invested in this club, since it constantly supports the club in each season.