The Civil Defense, in cooperation with AlKifah Holding, organized a virtual evacuation for AlKifah Tower in Dammam. The experiment aims to know all the challenges that may face a smooth evacuation plan for buildings with more than 10 floors and more than 500 employees.

The test was conducted at 10 AM on Monday, 18th December, on AlKifah Tower, and all the companies leased in 16 floors occupied by staff and visitors. All the building facilities were evacuated in a record time for more than 1,000 people.

It is worth mentioning that the evacuation experiment is not the first of its kind within AlKifah Tower. A number of plans and experiments of virtual evacuation have been applied previously in order to maintain the security and safety of all employees, visitors and tenants.

AlKifah Holding thanks the Civil Defense in Dammam for choosing AlKifah Tower as a model for activating safety plans, and we hope that security and safety be maintained for all.

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