AlMotaweroon Global was established in 2007, It is certified for its outstanding quality and technology in the field of developing and marketing high quality residential units, which takes into account the designs and prices required by its customers at different levels. The diversity of AlMotaweroon Global products reflects high level of professionalism through well trained staff with global experience, who works in harmony to provide ideal housing solutions which balances between quality, designs and services in an exceptional offer.

AlMotaweroon Global has projects across the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia in prime locations, that reflects the great ambition of the company to be the pioneer of real estate. The synergy of AlMotaweroon, and the support of its sister companies is crucial, which gives the company the ability to provide the best residential solutions for its customers.


Phone: +966-13-8451440

Fax: +966-13-8451448

P.O Box 4824 - AlKhobar 31652 - Saudi Arabia

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