AlKifah Precast Company was founded in 2009. It’s recognized for its high quality products and excellent services. AlKifah Precast is one of the biggest factories of Precast in the Kingdom since it provides a complete precast package consisting of designing, manufacturing, transporting and erection of precast concrete units to suit any project.

AlKifah Precast Company (KPC) operates with the latest technologies and advanced manufacturing methods by a team of experts. This factory can fulfill all the needs and aspirations of its customers, which starts from an accurate design to production and construction.

AlKifah Precast has a group of precast concrete units, which includes both architectural claddings and structural precast concrete units, suitable for all kinds of building and infrastructure projects.

Phone: +966-13-8397222

Fax: +966-13-8397200

P.O Box 30789 - AlKhobar 31952 - Saudi Arabia

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