AlKifah Holding International Chess Championship for this year concluded on 13 October after announcing the first place winner Ms. Ahlam Ghalib from Yemen, Ms. Halima AlHammad and Ms. Maliha AlJamri from Bahrain in second and third places.

The tournament was held at the Sea Club Resort in Dammam where her Royal Highness Princess Lama AlSedairi horned the event. The competition was attended by 16 participants from different nationalities with five rounds and a fast game system: 15 minutes for each round with 5 seconds for movement. Mrs. AlJawhara AlHassan, the first chess player to represent the Kingdom internationally and a member of the Saudi Committee for Mental Sports, was the judge in who ruled in extension of the competition held in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Ms. Zainab AlDarazi, the tournament manager in Dammam, said the competitors were very impressed by the organization and looked forward to take part in other tournaments soon.

The International Chess Championship aims to encourage women to participate in sports in a climate of familiarity and healthy competition, reflecting the mental strength of Arab girls in the world. Mr. Amin AlSadiq, member of the Saudi Mental Sport Committee, said that the competition coincided with the Supreme Order to separate the Chess Federation independently of the Saudi Mental Sport Committee, and it is expected that more tournaments will be organized around the Kingdom including female championships.

AlKifah Holding sponsored the tournament and presented the winners with a number of prizes and medals. It is worth mentioning that the Eastern province Championship is only an extension of the series of championships in Riyadh and Jeddah which were held months ago and concluded with success.

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