Environment is essential in all aspects of life. All living beings depend on it since all survival organisms are gained through environment, air, water, soil and food. Human beings utilize the natural resources to develop civilization through environment, and this process had a huge impact on the environment.

One of the primary focuses of Al Kifah CSR is environment due to its great importance in the society as well as the impact. We have a vision of creating programs which helps achieving our main goals which are, decreasing environment dangerous and maintaining clean environment.

As a newly established Social Responsibility Committee, we strive to support the environment by putting various plans and initiatives to help our society according to their needs.

Al Kifah group of companies owns many industrial sectors mostly cement which represent 70% of its investments.

In order to achieve balance between social responsibility and industrial investment, the company has initiated a new social which is environmental support for the local community, which is the highest standard of industrial environment.

Additionally, many strategic relationships started with most important governmental organizations that have a relation with environmental support, as well as many education campaigns about industrial environment.