Al Kifah Holding Company is keen on applying the most important and the highest standards of human communication in all its companies, where the group of Al Kifah companies has a special philosophy with their workforce at all levels.

 This philosophy is based on 10 main principles on how to deal with the employees, such as listening to the employee, and show his importance in the company, as well as knowing his problems and benefiting from his ideas, and respecting his feeling, as well as understanding his human needs.

It is necessary to use incentives to motivate employees for work, and to fulfill his career ambitions and professional aspirations for the future, in addition to rewards and recognition to raise sense of importance and appreciation for his efforts, as well as to have an effective positive communication with him.

It is necessary to polish and upgrade his skills to increase production, and it’s important to provide him with all new information to receive creativity, as well as guiding him must to brief him on what is new in the field of work to get creative and work on the development of skills and training and guidance.

Every employee should be an independent person with his special characteristics to promote this uniqueness and highlight his independent personality, and every employee must feel his value in the company.

Human Resources Department are working on supporting many strategic partnerships , which through they can support the youth of the community, and provide job opportunities to start a good career especially for those who don’t have the required qualifications to work at a company.

In addition to creating many programs, projects and activities which the company holds from time to time to provide an appropriate environment for all employees.