Social Responsibility

Recently Social Responsibility has become an important pillar of development and spread of social service among companies, which produced a new type of social mobility by the owners of organizations and private companies, and this movement has created competiveness between the companies, in which its results benefitted members of the community from various classes.

Committee of Social Responsibility

Al-Kifah Holding founded a specialized committee of Social Responsibility within the Executive Committees , which are required by governance system in big companies, and after the Board of Directors of Al Kifah Company took the decision to apply this system a number of decisions followed through, and one of them was to choose competent members with a great experience in social service and responsibility, in addition to having the ability to create the means and ways to connect with the community and  serve it in an effective way.

Policies of Social Responsibility

The Committee has developed a number of policies and strategies for social responsibility, which will be implemented by all Al Kifah companies when serving the community. The Committee shall establish its approach in achieving Synergy based on two main directives:

First: Synergy with the community to achieve their needs and aspirations by creating programs that truly meets their expectations.

 Second: To achieve Synergy between the society and sister companies, where different segments of society are targeted by Al Kifah Group of Companies. The Social Responsibility Committee will work on studying the needs of every section at the companies, as well as creating programs to build a stronger communication.

Fields of Social Service

• Support craftsmen, traders and investment through our close relationship with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Al Ahssa.

• Support civil society through cooperation with a large number of social charities, such as (limited-income citizens, orphans, and productive families etc.)

• Support education.

• Raise health and public awareness.

• Support local environment, and take care of it also contribute to impose standards that will preserve the environment.

• Support the company’s employees on humanitarian and social level.