Sheikh Hassan Al Afaleq Taghani Bil Quran Contest

The Messenger of Allah (Peace be Upon Him) said: “He who does not chant the Quran is not one of us”.

Based on the hadith quoted above, Sheikh Hassan Al Afaleq’s (may Allah have mercy on him) contest was launched as the Taghani Bil Quran Contest, which is an annual competition held at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, and supervised by Holy Quran Memorization Association in Al- Ahssa. The idea of ​​the contest was created by the Council of Sheikh Hassan Al Afaleq’s in Shaaban 1433 AH. The contest started as in idea, and in a few days it became a reality, and developed into a success story.

Sons of Sheikh Hassan Afaleq sponsored the value of the competition awards in its first and second year, which was hosted by Al Fateh Club in collaboration with Holy Quran Memorization Association and Al Kifah Company. The evaluation criteria for the reader were: starting to read, accuracy of the melody, precision of letter pronunciation, beauty of sound, good performance, and correct intonation. This contest had 180 contestants in its first year, and the number has doubled in the second season to 500 contestants, and this only shows the great success of this competition one year after another.

The objectives of the Contest

•To make intonation one of the most important conditions of the competition which does not require memorization, and where the reader gets rewarded when making intonation, and when the attendants enjoy listening to him/her.

• To get remuneration and reward from Allah, where reading the Quran and contriving its meaning is one of the greatest acts of worship and good deeds of obedience to Allah.

• To develop literary audacity for the contestants to train for good delivery and to be in harmony with the meaning of the words s/he’s reading from Quran, which will build his/her confidence.

• To achieve heart’s reverence and psychological reassurance especially when reading with intonation to enhance his/her eagerness to read more.

• To spread the spirit of competition in the care of the Holy Quran (memorization, intonation, understanding, perfection and application).

•To instill the love of the Holy Quran and cherish it in the hearts of the contestants.

The competition was for men only, and it had 180 contestants of different nationalities and ages. 10 contestants were qualified for the finale, and 10000 were given for the first place, 8000 for the second, 5000 for the third, and a 1000 riyals for each contestant who participated in the competition. The participants were from several countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Philippines, and Syria. The audience listened to recitations of ten contestants , Saleh bin Fahd Al Muqreb, Nawaf Alai Al Jari, Adel Sufyan , Saad Mohammed Asamail , Anas Abdul Rahman Bu Seha , Mohiuddin Talen , Saleh Al Hamel . Faisal Eto’o , Ahmed Humaid Hao Enein , and Abdullah Ahmad Alchuird , and the Evaluation jury were , Dr. Omar bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saeed , Khalid bin Salim Al-Bakhit , Mohammed bin Ahmed Hassan .The winners were, first place Faisal from the Philippines , second Ahmed Aboul -Enein , and third Abdullah Alchuird.
In Ramadan the 2nd season of the competition began with the addition of female contestants to compete for Sheikh Hassan Al Afaleq Taghani Bil Quran with the increase in the value of the prize , which amounted to ( 60,000 riyals ) divided into two parts (40,000 riyals ) for men , and (20,000 riyals ) for women . This season was highly competitive between men and women where male participants were 2000, and female participants 300, which shows the success of this competition ,and nationalities that participated in this competition for the two parts were : Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Yemen , Syria , Sudan , Jordan , India , the Philippines , Burma , Sri Lanka and others. The names of male winners Contestant who took the first place was ” Anas bin Abdulrahman Abu Seha ” and won the amount of 15,000 riyals , Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Aboudi came in second place and got 7,000 riyals , while the third participant ” Abdulrahman bin Ayub Dola ” received 4000 riyals. Each participant from the 4th to the 10th place received 2000 riyals, Saad Mohammed Asamail , Suhaib Saad Al Nami , Adnan Abdullah bin Hendi , Musab al- Saud Al Obaid , Moaaz Abdulrahman Al Sayah , Mohammed Salem Al Hadi, and Adel Shaaban Shehab. The first female winner was Hajar Al Bahar, who took the first place and the won the award of 7,000 riyals, while Maryam Al Rashid came in second place and received 400 riyals, and Hanan Al Bannai came in third place and received 2000 riayls . On the other hand the remaining 7 contestants recevied 1000 riayls,Iman Bu Seha, Asayel Al Qahtani, Rawda Harba, Fatimah Al Darwish, Mezna Al Awad, Aysha Kaleeb, and Maryam Al Awwad. The Evaluation jury listened to the readings of ten contestants, and 3 contestants to qualify for the final stage, where the audience of 180 women and girls participated in selecting the winners of the first three places.
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