A community is generally defined as a group of people sharing a common purpose, who are interdependent for the fulfillment of certain needs, who live in close proximity and interact on a regular basis.
There are shared expectations for all members of the group and responsibility taken from those expectations.
In a community there is a sense of community which is defined as the feelings of cooperation, of commitment to the group welfare, of willingness to communicate openly, and of responsibility to and for others as well as to one’s self.
Most important there exists community leaders who are responsible for the success of any community event, depending on the needs of the community, and the individual’s own feelings.
The community leaders are individuals who strive to influence others to take responsibility for their actions, their achievements, and the community welfare.
Developing the community is a key priority for Al Kifah CSR to develop and maintain strong and mutually beneficial relationships with its community.  If we take an active interest in community well-being it can generates community support, loyalty and good will.
We can engage in the community through conducting an outreach to the community which aims to prevent or solve problems, foster social partnerships, and generally contribute to the community quality of life, as well as participating in community relations to help improve their business by getting valuable community and other stakeholder input.
There are 3 main activities to conduct the right communication with the community:
– Accessibility
– Social Hiring
– Stakeholder Engagement

Al Kifah CSR is in the process of implementing these activities into the society to give and be rewarded back.
General strategy of CSR for Al Kifah Holding group of companies is stemmed from local community needs in all its classes from manufacturers and traders to low income members.
The company activated its CSR through permanent cooperation with government organizations and civil society organizations as well as charities.

In addition to major companies strategic long-term, as well as many events and programs that were founded to strengthen the role of the company.