AlKifah International Chess Tournament for Women closed in Riyadh with more than 28 participants who competed for the Awards. It was arranged in Princess Noura University, the event was graced by the presence of HRH Princess Abeer bint Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdul Aziz.

The first place winner was Ms. Ahlam AlAdaini from Yemen, second place winner was Ms. Afnan AlGobaishi from Saudi Arabia and third place was won by Ms. Hanan AlHumaid from Saudi Arabia. Referees were Ms. Jawhra AlHassan, Ms. AlAnoud Ishag, Ms. Haifa and Ms. Nouf Babtain from the Saudi Mental Sports Federation.

These series included also a tournament held in Jeddah with different nationalities
participating from Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Jordan, Burma, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. It was held in AlMurjan hall and was graced by presence of the international goodwill ambassador for mental sports Princess Lama bint Khaled AlSudairi together with more than one hundred Arab ladies.

In Jeddah’s event, first place was won by Ms. Hala Hassan from Egypt, second place went to Ms. Aya Aulayan from Palestine, and third place was won by Ms. Sara Abdullah from Saudi Arabia. Referees were Ms. Al Anoud Ishag, and Ms. Dalia AlThumiari.

These activities were sponsored by AlKifah Holding which presented to the winners a number of financial gifts and medals. The number of attendees was significant and participants showed great excitement and high competitiveness. These events illustrated the special and distinctive mental power of the Arab women which is comparable to international levels.

Noting that the Saudi Chess Federation was formed six years ago, and during this period it participated in more than one hundred championships. Later the women association for mind sport was formed as a branch from the Saudi Association for Mind Sport presided by Ms. AlJawhara AlHassan who was the first chess player to represent Saudi Arabia on an international level.

At the end of the event all parties who supported mental sports association and women chess tournaments were thanked and appreciated. It is also worth mentioning that the Eastern Province shall be the venue of the next tournament within a period of one month.

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