Through determination, dedication and hard work Al Kifah Holding Company was established from more than 30 years ago by Sheikh Hassan Al Afaleq.


The recent developments that Al Kifah Holding Company had resulted in several majors initiatives, which is concerned with ideas development, and strategic planning at high administrative level, which enjoined Al Kifah Media Center to devote its attention on Visual documentation, which can deliver messages directly through many ways to reach the largest possible number of beneficiaries of Al Kifah group of companies both on internal and external level of the company.



Al-Kifah Holding Co. signs a Sponsorship Agreement of Al-fath Club

Last Saturday night the 12th of September, 2015, Alfateh FC Club management signed a sponsorship agreement with Al Kifah Holding, which promotes the

call center project launching

KiCare Contracted with Al-Kifah major companies to handle responses to inquiries, questions and measure the quality of customer services provided, whereas in the

Transformation in business unit Project in Al-kifah Readymix factories

With clear vision and proper strategic plan, KRB finished the first stage of its transformation in business unit’s project, a very well-known and

Al-Kifah Community Enrichment activated the annual Aumra program for 2015 .

To fulfill its social responsibility role, and to serve its staff, Al-Kifah Holding, represented by Al-Kifah Corporate Social Responsibility, supported by HR, activated

Saleh Alquraishi from AlKhobar won the first place in Shaikh Hassan Alafalq award, Altaghany bil Qura’an

The curtain came down on Sheikh Hassan Al-Afaliq Award – may he rest in peace – to sing the Koran in this holy

Al-Kifah Ready-mix and blocks launched a new project of Quality control (Branding Equity control)

Believing in the importance of applying the highest quality and control measures, KRB launched a new project of Quality control (Branding Equity control)

Al-Kifah Publishing House Participated in Aramco in Library Day

With the collaboration of Al-Kifah Community Enrichment Division. Al-Kifah Publishing House participated in Aramco Library in Library Day celebration that was held

Al-Kifah Motors Partners up with Middle East Auto Service

Khobar, KSA, April 2015: Al-Kifah Motors continues to offer extraordinary deals through their recent partnership with Middle East Auto Service Company.

Al-Kifah Publishing House Participation with Universities in World Book Day

Al-Kifah Publishing house participated in a number of Book International day celebrity inside the Saudi Universities. The participation included the latest issues of


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