Through determination, dedication and hard work Al Kifah Holding Company was established from more than 30 years ago by Sheikh Hassan Al Afaleq.


The recent developments that Al Kifah Holding Company had resulted in several majors initiatives, which is concerned with ideas development, and strategic planning at high administrative level, which enjoined Al Kifah Media Center to devote its attention on Visual documentation, which can deliver messages directly through many ways to reach the largest possible number of beneficiaries of Al Kifah group of companies both on internal and external level of the company.



KiCE Construction Purchases New Bending Machinery

KiCE Construction Equipment recently purchased new bending machinery that will enable to provide support and engineering services to its customers throughout the

Technical training for quality control in Al-Kifah Readymix

Al-Kifah Ready-mix Company held its 1st technical training for this year in Al-Hasa region for all their quality across the region,

The participation of Al-kifah Publications House in the exhibition this year is distinct from previous years

The participation of Al-kifah Publications House in the exhibition this year is distinct from previous years.
Diversity of

Al-Kifah Private schools participated in spreading the awareness of Traffic Saftey

One of the major CSR projects for Al-Kifah schools is to create awareness for the community about traffic laws and conditions in

Al-Kifah Sponsors "Kolona Montejoun" 6

Stemming from desire to sustain community service, Al-Kifah Holding, presented by Corporate Social Responsibility of Community Enrichment Center, sponsored the “Kolona Montejoun” 6

KiCE and Tamweel Participated in Big 5 Saudi Exhibition 2015

Successfully KiCE Construction Equipment and Tamweel, for the first time, completed their strategic participation in Big 5 Saudi 2015 which was held from

General Manager of Education in Al Hasaa honored the first three winning teams and players at the conclusion of the Fifth Elite judo Tournament for schools

On Monday March 16th, General Manager of Education in Al Hasaa Mr. Ahmed Ben Mohammed Balghonem honored the first three winning teams and

Al-Kifah is developing a new ERP system for the company

Al-Kifah Holding Company has announced recently the acquisition and selection of its new ERP system, SAP. The announcement has been made by Group

KiCE Deliver training on how to use batching plant system to its Customers

KiCE Construction Equipment with the assistance of KiCE’s engineers delivered an advanced training to their customers on the control panel system of


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